Colkins Mill Church
Colkins Mill Church 

New to us?

We are a friendly Christian community, sharing a commitment to God, to one another and to the community where we are. At Colkins Mill all are welcome - young and old, singles, couples and families. There is a surprising amount going on every week!


Every Sunday morning we meet together from 10am for some breakfast and chat, with the service starting at 10.30. These services are an opportunity to connect with God and with one another as we gather to hear the Bible taught, sing and pray together, and to spend time with one another. We stream the services live on Zoom every week. There are children's programmes on Sundays too.  



Other activities include House Groups and prayer days; all helping us to grow, support and encourage one another, and learning together what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


We run popular and lively clubs for the young people of the village on Thursday and Friday evenings. We also serve people wth disabilities and special needs through monthly celebrations we call "Causeway".


We are actively involved in supporting the work of many Christian friends in different parts of the world.

Our vision and priorities

Our vision

To love Jesus and love one another

To grow in faith

To bless our community

To make Jesus known to all


Our characteristics:    we seek to be…

…welcoming, inclusive and caring

…centred on the Bible

…committed to God in worship and prayer

…experiencing the renewing work of the Holy Spirit


Our areas of focus

Children, young people and families

Those in need, especially the elderly

Those with disabilities and special needs

Overseas Christian work linked to the Church

Older than we look...

The church was born in the early 1870’s when a group of Christians regularly walked from Hastings to Mayfield to hold a service for workers who were building the railway tunnel just south of Wadhurst.


These open air services attracted some people from Mayfield including a lady who wasn't too sure about getting rained on in Church, so she built a timber church in her garden on Coggins Mill Lane. The church had no denominational links and little is written down of its history. It was always known for having a large Sunday School.


In the second half of the twentieth century the population of Colkins Mill reduced and as a result the congregation dwindled in the 1960s and the Church nearly closed. In the 1970’s it started to grow again and in the 1980’s moved into its present location in Station Road.

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