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Poppy's gingerbread creation has proved very popular

- here is a link to the whole sequence.

Sunday talks

We record most of our talks.  Here are some recent ones which can be played on your laptop or tablet. They don't seem to appear on some mobile phones unfortunately.  If you would like a CD of a particular address please ask.

Esther: an introduction    17th Jan 2021   Terry Steinegger

God's workmanship: 8 Lydia   10th Jan 2021  Joy Pettit

New Year     3rd Jan 2021 Steve Harland

God's workmanship: 7 John the apostle    27th Dec 2020 Joel Harland

Carols with Colkins   20th Dec 2020  Steve Harland

God's workmanship: 6  Simeon  13th Dec 2020 Derek Cooke

God's workmanship:  5  Elizabeth  6th Dec 2020  Terry Steinegger

God's workmanship: 4 Mary of Bethany  29th Nov 2020  Phil Keene

God's workmanship: 3 Abigail   22nd Nov 2020  Steve Harland

God's workmanship: 2 Stephen   15th Nov 2020  David Steinegger

God's workmanship: 1 Bezalel   8th Nov 2020  Terry Steinegger

New series: We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works

Colossians 1 9-14      21st June 2020 Steve Harland

Service including Colossians part 2    14th June 2020   Phil Keene

Colossians part 1   7th June 2020  David Steinegger

Luke 20  Confrontations that reveal truth   8th March  Derek Cooke

Luke 19  Triumphal entry  23rd Feb  David Steinegger

Hebrews 1.1-3  He made purification for sins   16th Feb   Steve Harland

Hebrews 1.1-3  He upholds all things by his word of power 9th Feb Terry Steinegger

Hebrews 1.1-3 Jesus is the exact representation of God's nature  2nd February  Phil Keene

Hebrews 1.1-3 Jesus is the radiance of His glory  26th January  David Steinegger

Hebrews 1.1-3 the world created through him   19th January  Steve Harland

Hebrews 1.1-3  Heir of all things    12th January 2020 Phil Keene

New Year 2020   29th December  David Steinegger

Advent series - The shepherds' experience  22nd December   David Steinegger

Advent series - Interview with Simeon 15th December   Terry Steinegger

Advent series - Mary's story   8th December   Phil Keene

Advent series - Zechariah's song    1st December    Steve Harland

Luke - Jesus conquers Jericho    24th November    Terry Steinegger

Luke - The blind man near Jericho   17th Nov   David Steinegger

Luke - Faith, Forgiveness and Fankfulness!!  3rd Nov  Phil Keene

Promises 27th Oct Derek Cook

Luke - Persistent Widow & Tax Collector 20th Oct David Steinegger Luke 18 1-14

Luke - The coming Kingdom  6th Oct  Abi Willets   Luke 17 20-37

Luke - Parables of riches and heaven   29th Sept  David Steinegger   Luke 16

Luke - Parables of joy    22nd September    Terry Steinegger   Luke 15

Dave Court:  Hearers and doers of the Word   15th September

Luke - The cost of being a disciple  8th September    Steve Harland   Luke 14.25-35

Luke - Don't miss the party 1st September   Phil Keene   Luke 13.22 - 14.24

Luke - Living in the Kingdom  28th July   Terry Steinegger  Luke 12.13 - 13.9

Luke - Light against darkness  21st July   Steve Harland    Luke 11.14-12.12

Luke - Teach us to pray   7th July   Charles Earwicker     Luke 11.1-13

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